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AI & Machine Translation

Accuracy and Speed in Multiple Languages

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AI & Machine Translation

Lango offers its clients the highest quality and most secure AI Machine Translation (MT) solutions via our state-of-the-art cloud platform. With translation capabilities in more than 200 languages, and lightning-fast speeds, Lango’s clients are able to rapidly convert documents between languages for use in a multitude of situations. 

Whether for massive-scale multilingual litigation matters, periodic one-off MT requirements, or as an enterprise solution for secure and intuitive MT solutions, Lango’s secure platform enables legal clients of all sizes and unique requirements with on-demand access to high- quality, highly-secure, formatted, intuitive, translation solutions.

Secure, modern AI Machine Translation (MT) is a highly sophisticated process involving neural networks and natural language processing methodologies to

 Overview create automatically generated language translations with incredible precision. With optional custom-trained MT language models, the output from this process can produce both linguistically accurate and contextually relevant translations. Although MT can produce high-quality, low-cost, and rapid results, it is not the right fit for every use case. It is important to weigh the risks with the benefits of leveraging MT in legal matters.

Lango’s team of legal and language experts will consult with your teams to ensure the most suitable and tailored combination of translation solutions is utilized for each matter, creating efficiency, cost savings, and enabling the highest quality work product for each individual case.

By leveraging Lango’s secure cloud platform, MT requests can be made in real-time and at a massive scale across the entire firm. Our MT portal is designed to be highly intuitive and is a simple and secure alternative to public MT websites as well as less modern MT tools managed by internal teams.

Through seamless API integrations with common file storage and FTP software (OneDrive, Box, Google Drive, etc.), your team(s) can translate massive volumes with the push of a button. Lango’s MT solution offers optional format matching, so you can recreate your source files in any language, with identical layout and format.

  • Secure Google-Translate Alternative 
  • Massive-Scale & Lightening Fast 
  • Reduce Spend
  • High-Quality
  • Subscription Options
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Utilizing rigorously tested network of industry-expert linguists and full-time professional managers to ensure 100% satisfaction.

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Adapt and translate branding, marketing, and advertising for new markets using TIN multicultural language solutions for maximum impact.

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200+ language pairs handling transcription, subtitling, voiceover, and braille printing.


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AI & Machine

Secure AI-enabled machine translation provides high-speed and accurate translation results, saving time and money.

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Our translators are experienced and translated documents are proofread for accuracy.


The test is a standardized procedure for the global market that measures functionality in writing ability.
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