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Healthcare Support Services

Healthcare companies place their trust in Lango for fast and accurate language solutions that enhance communication, regulatory compliance, and overall patient care and efficiency.

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In the healthcare language solutions field, our experts excel in providing guidance and best practices across a range of healthcare sectors, including but not limited to:
Behavioral Health
Hospitals & ERs
Primary & Family Care
Rehabilitation & Therapy
Dental Care
Specialized Surgery Centers
Our clients look to Lango to create streamlined workflows, leveraging our secure language management platform to navigate every aspect of their language service requirements, including:
On-Demand Video Interpretation
Scheduled Video Interpretation
Scheduled On-Site Interpretation
Video Remote Sign Language Interpretation
On-Site Sign Language Interpretation
Training & Assessments
Language Access Plans
AI-Enabled Machine Translation
Certified Human Translation

Drive better patient care with Lango's expert language services

Contact us today!
+1 (212) 850-5099
Contact us today!
+1 (212) 850-5099