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Mission and Values

Our Mission

To unify our customers’ language service workflow in one place, leveraging the most innovative and advanced technology platform. To unlock access for our customers to the entire breadth of language service and technology providers, securely, efficiently and at competitive costs. To enable seamless customer engagement through a secure and intuitive language access platform.

Our Core Values


We deliver best-in-class language services.


We are at the vanguard of the language industry.


We succeed when I do my part.


We end language disparities by empowering communities and partners.


We are devoted to the Lango mission.


We are different together.


We generate profits to expand community impact.

Three Unique Values

We deliver tailored and comprehensive language services at scale to empower your business.

We equip you with one platform to control all your language needs: requests, data analytics, and management.

We give back to our community by creating career opportunities for refugees and immigrants.

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