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Training & Assessments

Solving today. Equipping for tomorrow.

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Training and Assessments

The trainings and professional certificate program established by Lango ensures our customers the highest level of language services, meeting standards that exceed those prescribed by the American Translation Association (ATA), the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA), the National Council on Interpreters in Healthcare (NCIHC), and the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT).

Our Trainings

  • Community Interpreting
  • Medical Interpreting – 16 Hours
  • Medical Interpreting – 60 Hours
  • Mental Health Interpreting
  • Art of Translation
  • Special Education Terminology for Interpreters and Translators
  • Ethics for Interpreters and Translators
  • Legal Terminology for Interpreters and Translators
  • Professionalism for Interpreters and Translators
  • Accent Modification for the Workplace
  • Key Notes in Cross-Cultural Communication for Interpreters
  • Maintaining Neutrality in Difficult Interpreting Sessions
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We offer the highest quality On-Site & Virtual Interpretation, American Sign Language, and Translation Services

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Unifying the language service workflow in one place since 2016.

Industry Experts

20+ years of professional development courses for interpreters, and training of trainers, exceeding the highest national and international standards.

Solving today.
Equipping for tomorrow.

No longer bound to a location or time to become a qualified interpreter. Trainings and language testing accessible anywhere, anytime, any device.

Breaking Language Barriers

Hundreds of interpreters and translators trained yearly. Thousands of hours training bilingual professionals for medical, education, legal, government, and business sectors.


Interpreters and translators tested and trained to provide only the highest quality services for every communication need.

We offer best-in-class language services

Phone Interpretation

Over-the-phone interpreting provides cost-efficient language services, meeting needs for effective communication.


Video Interpretation

Video remote interpreting provides a comprehensive solution that includes visual and auditory interpretation.

On-Site Interpretation

Lango provides highly professional interpreters on-site, where you are, when you need them.

AI & Machine Translation

Secure AI-enabled machine translation provides high-speed and accurate translation results, saving time and money.

Document Translation

Our skilled translators ensure precise document translation with thorough proofreading for accuracy.


Training Services

The test is a standardized procedure for the global market that measures functionality in writing ability.

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services

Our skilled interpreters help to ensure that individuals with hearing challenges have equal access to information.

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