Lango’s Language Solutions’ Role in a High-Profile HSR Second Request

Client Profile

Industry: Legal (Antitrust Law)

Ideal Client: Antitrust attorneys specializing in Hart Scott Rodino (HSR) Second Request matters

Project Overview

Client: AM100 Law Firm

End-Client: A U.S. Medical Company

Project: Hart Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act (HSR) Second Request from FTC for a $900M acquisition of an Italian alloy division (Summer 2023)

Engagement History

Duration with Law Firm: Over 4 years

Projects Completed: Over 100 translation projects, including AI machine translation, certified human translation, interpretation, and transcription across various practice groups

Security and Vetting: Rigorous security checks and approval as a preferred language solutions vendor

The Challenge

Initial Task: Translation of 100,000 documents in Italian, German, and other languages into English

Expansion: The project scope increased to 415,000 documents within six weeks, requiring rapid scaling and responsiveness

The Solution

Technology Utilized: Secure, vetted U.S.-based AI Machine Translation (MT) engines for language identification, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), and processing

Translation and Processing Speed: Capable of turning around over 50,000 documents in less than 24 hours, with ample bandwidth for additional capacity


Security: Adherence to strict secure FTP protocols with multifactor authentication

Process Steps: Language identification, OCR, AI Machine Translation processing

Document Management: Translation documents were marked with a “tr” suffix for easy identification and integrated into the law firm’s review platform for Technology Assisted Review (TAR) and attorney analysis


Efficiency: All documents were accurately translated into English without any workflow disruptions

Client Satisfaction: Positive results for both the law firm and their clients, contributing to a successful outcome for the HSR Second Request matter


Our Language Solutions demonstrated exceptional capability in handling large-scale, high-stakes translation projects, proving to be an invaluable asset for antitrust attorneys dealing with complex HSR Second Request cases.

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